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The Ivy Societe Gala, a SW view by Hope Morgan,

After the success of the second gala in 2023, Ivy Societe has announced a third Sex Worker Only Gala event, which will take place in Melbourne on 4th February 2024. As a sex worker, what I love about this gala is that it's a night exclusively for us to come together, celebrate our industry, and embrace our true selves without judgement or expectations. It's a unique opportunity to network with fellow peers, dress up, and have a fantastic time.

The Ivy Societe Sex Worker Only Gala is a progressive event that breaks away from traditional norms. It acknowledges and appreciates the contributions of sex workers to society and provides a platform for us to showcase our talents, skills, and creativity. It's not just another gala; it's a fabulous celebration of our industry and the incredible individuals who are part of it.

The gala follows a cocktail/black tie dress code, adding an air of elegance and sophistication to the evening. It's an opportunity for us to showcase our personal style and express ourselves through fashion. Whether you prefer classic and timeless looks or bold and avant-garde ensembles, the gala welcomes all forms of self-expression.

One of the most significant aspects of this gala is the sense of community it fosters. It's a night where we can truly be ourselves and connect with like-minded individuals who understand our experiences and challenges. It's a chance to build relationships, share stories, and support one another in a safe and inclusive environment.

The theme for this year's gala is 'Nuit d'Amour,' which translates to 'Night of Love.' Throughout the evening, you can expect a captivating atmosphere that embodies romance, passion, and the celebration of love within our industry. It's a night where we can come together as a community, embracing the beauty of our work and the connections we share. With enchanting decor, mesmerizing ambiance, and a sense of unity, the gala is always a memorable celebration of love, empowerment, and solidarity among sex workers.

The gala provides an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, challenge stigmas, and promote positive change within the industry. By coming together and celebrating our profession, we are taking a stand and empowering ourselves and future generations of sex workers.

If you're a sex worker, mark 4th February 2024, on your calendar and join this event for an unforgettable evening at the Ivy Societe Sex Worker Only Gala. It's a night of liberation, acceptance, and celebration of our industry. Together, let's create a future where sex workers are respected, protected, and celebrated for their contributions to society.


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