And Hope Morgan was born

July 30, 2017



It all began during a spontaneous weeknight out.  At this point in my life I had been out of the adult industry for a few years.  I was working a 9-5 administration job and completely bored with it.


My friends and I needed a break from our lives so decided to watch a girlie movie and enjoy some drinks.

The girls talked me into watching Fifty Shades of Grey.  Having not read the books I didn't know what to expect.

This movie lit a fire inside me that had been smouldering for years after deciding  to give up exotic dancing to follow a career in the corporate world.

Watching Mr Grey act out his fantasies on screen had sparked a feeling that I could not ignore.

As we walked to the car, I said to my friends "There has to be more out there.  I need to explore... maybe I will find my own Mr. Grey"


Not long after this night, I began dancing again.  I had been out of the game for a long time but I felt so comfortable coming back.  I was enjoying my life again and had opportunities to explore all my curiosities.


This was the beginning of a journey that is continuing today.  I love my work, I love people and I love making you feel good.  As they say, you get back what you put in.  And this life is definitely living up to that. 


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September 11, 2018

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